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Yana Gorbacheva has been involved in photography for over fifteen years, and she came to the dance class for the first time when she was seven. Dance and Photography. It was the love of modern dance that led her with camera to the theatre. Over time, theatre photography became her profession.

The most important thing for Yana in the dance performance is empathy. Kinesthetic empathy makes it possible not only to perceive visual images on stage, but to feel the dance movements with the body.

Yana has professional education: studied at MPK by Mossovet “Art and Technique of Photography”, Moscow Stroganov University majoring in Art History.

Yana Gorbacheva works as a photographer at the Golden Mask festival, collaborates with other Moscow theatre and dance festivals and companies.

Her works were published in Helsingin Sanomat, Dozado Dancemagazine, Oteatre.info, Colta, Regnum, etc.

Member of group and personal exhibitions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad (Russia), Suwon (South Korea), Ardeche (France), Arica (Chilie)